Katie's signature yoga series for healthy glowing skin


What is Flow & Glow yoga? This series of yoga poses was developed to deliver oxygenated blood to your entire body and head to give you an overall glow so your skin can become alive and breathe!


Flow and Glow skincare is all about healthy happy radiant skin that glows! Flow and Glow can easily be added to your existing skin care. Bottles are small so easy to travel with and put in your gym bag. Each product will boost your hydration levels like a drink of water for your skin!

Flowing . Glowing . Healing

Featuring Products 

Cucumber Herbal Eye Gel

— A cooling gel for fresh, youthful eyes.


Decrease the appearance of eye fatigue, puffiness and dark circles. This baby blue cooling eye gel will calm and soothe the appearance of tired looking eyes.


This formula contains caffeine to awaken and revitalize the appearance of the skin around the eyes. This fast-absorbing gel will improve the appearance of youthful suppleness.


Lip Plumper

— A silky balm to support the look of fuller, softer lips.

Our Enhancing Lip Plumper is a soft and silky lip balm that helps support the look of fuller lips. Our cream, non-sticky formula helps hydrate and soften the lips with a sweet, peppermint flavor.


The flowering succulent, Pink Purslane Extract, also known as “Kiss Me Quick”, gives the lips a boost of support. Botanical Extracts found in mushrooms help rejuvenate the appearance of the lips.

Illuminating Primer

— A hydrating, pearlescent rose primer.


A rich combination of Vitamins B, E, and C nourish the skin to visibly improve the appearance of enlarged pores, uneven tones, and fine lines.


This water-based formula replenishes moisture levels with Hyaluronic Acid and creates the perfect canvas for makeup application and a radiant glow.

Fresh Tea Face Mist

— A hydrating, antioxidant-rich toning spray.


Our complex of essential amino acids provides a youth-boosting moisture to tone, hydrate and soften skin. Ingredients such as Niacinamide and Mandelic Acid helps brighten skin appearance and even skin complexion. When used on clean skin, this mist helps reduce dryness and the appearance of redness which makes it a great makeup primer spray or as a skin refresher throughout the day.

CC Serum with Vitamin C

— An antioxidant powerhouse for improving look of tone.

Our CC Serum provides nourishing vitamins to protect and preserve the appearance of beautiful, vibrant-looking skin. You will see dramatic results with this energy-packed serum that’s infused with Citrus Stem Cells from orange, which enhances the appearance of skin elasticity.

CBD Pain Free

CBD muscle cream locally made may help relive muscles and/or joints discomfort. 


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