Create a Work and Life Balance For Employees

Elevate Wellness classes and team bonding events help increase energy and reduce stress leading to more flexible thinking and greater productivity.  Yoga and mindfulness are known to supercharge focus, concentration, release muscle tension and build confidence.  It is incredible how a few long, deep breaths have the power to transform us from depleted to restored.
No mat? No Yoga clothes? No problem. Enjoy the benefits of yoga without stressing about the other stuff.  We can yoga in any space.  We love beginners!

Team Building Events: We create fun new ways for companies to bond and work together to achieve great things!  We offer customized wellness retreats that will stimulate creativity and raise excitement for personal development.  

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Corporate Yoga Testimonial from CEO Todd Baggett

"Corporate Yoga- A big plus for our team Katie Killebrew come to our offices weekly to lead a weekly corporate yoga class and the feedback from our team members has been phenomenal". READ MORE