National & World Champion Synchronized Swimmer

In Katie Killebrew most vivid childhood memories, wet hair usually played a starring role. It wasn’t that Katie was tress-obsessed. Rather, practically from the time she was a toddler the Los Gatos resident can remember few moments when she wasn’t on her way to, from or submerged in a swimming pool, water streaming from her strands. RED MORE

Katie's Synchronized

swimming in New Zealand.

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Katie's fitness life and her

Aqua Pole group classes.

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Aqua Pole

Aqua Yoga takes the principles and movements of Yoga and adapts them to the water environment. 

Water Yoga

SYNCHRONIZED SWIMMING a sport in which swimmers, singly or in groups, perform dancelike movements often in time with music. Synchronize swimming is like doing ballet or gymnastics in the water! Hey underwater sound system is used so the swimmers can synchronize their moves and hear the music under the water! Increases flexibility and cardio vascular Health.

AQUA POLE/KICKBOXING martial arts and kickboxing based workouts are changing how we think about Aquatic fitness! The benefits of integrating martial arts moves into pool workouts is that buoyancy reduces impact. Jumping moves that were not possible for some participants on land can be performed in water. The resistance of water also slows down movements. Participants are less likely to hyperextend knee and elbow joints, reducing the risk of injury. Here are tips on how to introduce these moves into your classes for a great, total body workout.

WATER YOGA, a gentle and very low impact aquatic activity. Aqua Yoga takes the principles and movements of Yoga and adapts them to the waterenvironment. With the release of gravity the body is able to find the optimum stretch. By using the rhythm of the breath an inner sense of relaxation can be achieved.


  • Improve endurance

  • Improve agility and coordination

  • Increase power (speed x strength)

  • Improve balance and core stability

  • Increase ROM

  • Improve posture and alignment